The Flat Earth Controversy
A Biblical World View And One Man's Quest For Truth
© 2015 by Rob Skiba

Throwing Rocks in Glass Houses
(from my June 15, 2015 Facebook note)

People are all up in arms about this Flat Earth subject allegedly causing division and strife. OK. Please show me a few examples from Scripture where truth didn't cause some sort of uproar. LOL! Nearly every prophet in the Bible was MURDERED because they told the truth. Look at what happened to Yeshua and His disciples for simply telling the truth. Truth almost always causes trouble. Because most don't ever want to hear it. But as we are only on a quest to find out if Flat Earth is or is not the truth - testing ALL things just as the Scriptures say we should - the same nonsense is manifesting as what happens when you tell them that X-mess and Ishtar Day have NOTHING whatsoever to do with our Savior. They don't want to hear that they've been participating in lies most of their lives. This subject is generating similar responses. Only with this deal, it's ramped up several notches on the psychosis meter. So much so that the very mention of simply wanting to explore the possibilities absolutely sends people through the roof with amazing expressions of substantial cognitive dissonance combined with healthy doses of accusation, ridicule, mocking and slander!

Please take careful note of the fact that the vast majority of hostility, strife and "division" is NOT coming from Flat Earthers. Rather it is coming from those who believe in the globe. By far, they are the ones throwing the most stones, accusations, ridicule and name calling... all while lamenting about the very thing they are causing in the first place.

People regularly come to my Facebook wall, send me e-mails and post comments on my YouTube channels saying stuff like, "How is this Flat Earth stuff leading anyone closer to the Lord? This is not important. The whole world is going to hell and you're talking about this??" while making all sorts of ridiculous accusations about how I should be out caring for the sick and reaching the lost... instead of having these Flat Earth discussions. The accusations are of course coming from people who are more concerned about throwing stones rather than actually doing what they are accusing me of not doing. Imagine the irony.

Beyond that, those of you lobbing accusations, you are exceptionally presumptuous. First of all, we DO care for the sick almost daily over here. Second, this latest subject is not the only thing our ministry talks about. We have many different subjects going out all over the world in print, DVD, on radio interviews, at conferences, etc.. We're quite busy with various forms of ministry. In fact, this past weekend, I spent nearly 25 hours working to help 4 individuals through some very serious life issues. What have you done lately besides swing that telephone pole that's sticking out of your face as you're looking to point out splinters in the eyes of others?

As far as this Flat Earth subject goes, I had one girl write to me a couple of weeks ago, telling me on my Facebook wall that she got saved as a result of this discussion. Today, I received two more testimonies:

Michael Ohman wrote:

"Talking of people getting saved, the flat earth discussion led my friend to salvation. He was the type of person that would sooner believe we were spawned by aliens and some genetic experiment to then evolve into what we are. But he said that as he was looking into flat earth, it kept pointing him back to the Scriptures and a Creator. So he decided to finally give in (after much resisting) and do a little research on the Bible and such things. He has now accepted Yahshuah as his Savior and is studying the word to 'deprogram' what he's picked up over the years.

And believe me, I'd tried before to show Yahshuah and Yahweh to him to no avail. Who would've thought that flat earth would be what it took to show him the truth? His conversion is nothing short of a miracle, only the Holy Spirit can 'change' a man's heart so drastically. When I found out he accepted Yeshuah, I was literally jumping up and down because I saw the miracle.

Keep your chin up Rob, even if the enemy is swinging. Remember that the enemy will always destroy the good and what is making a difference for Yahweh's Kingdom. If it's any help, it was due to yours and Douglas Hamp's work that I was brought back into fellowship with our savior Yeshuah last year. And it was the flat-earth topic that led one of my die-hard atheist friends to Yeshuah. You and your family will be in my prayers. May Yahweh bless you Rob."

Anthony Cruz wrote:

"I have a praise report. There is a friend I have been witnessing and praying for years for him. He grew up with sra, Out of all the subjects on realities we talk about, this flat earth subject has got him in the Word, and I see him coming closer to Jesus. Please keep him in prayer. Whatever God chooses to use to bring people closer, who am I to argue."

A couple of days ago, Sheila and I had dinner over some friends house. While there, of course this discussion came up and the dialogue went on for nearly 4 hours. When it was over, my friend says to me, "This whole idea of an enclosed, Flat Earth makes me feel more special to God than I think anything I've ever heard." I have had several very similar testimonies come in from others here on Facebook in the past 2 weeks as a result of this topic.

Ashlee Ellegard Webster said,

"I personally know three non-believers that have given their life to YHWH over this very topic....huge huge blessing!"

Furthermore, I have received many responses such as this one from Will Reynolds:

"Rob Skiba, what you have been doing here really has me excited. I find myself digging into scripture with an excitement I haven't had in years. I too never thought I would be questioning the shape of our plane(t). Keep up the great work, it is opening my eyes and brings to mind: "Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gains understanding" (Proverbs 3:13)"

And this one from Grace Pond:

"God has been ministering to me thru this FE thing on many deep levels as I go thru hell on earth in my life. It has been a healing part of my daily anguish. Don't judge what God can use to love on someone!"

And this one from Petra Lynn:

"I want to thank you again for all your work. It is changing lives, including mine!!"

So, all of you who would rather ridicule, mock and judge need to keep the above in mind. Dozens of testimonies have come to me in recent weeks of people either getting saved or coming closer to YHWH through this dialogue. I'm not writing this to boast, but I do have to wonder how many testimonies like this you mockers have received in the past few weeks? You see, whether the earth is flat or a ball is really irrelevant. ANYTHING that causes people to dig deeper into YHWH's Word is a good thing, because that's where He meets those who are searching for Him.

My Facebook friend Brandon Lewing, wrote:

"It was there in the Bible all along and we read it multiple times but did not care or see to put 2 and 2 together. That's the true power of indoctrination. To blind even when you see."

Indeed, that is the "true power of indoctrination" - to blind us to what is right in front of us, but which we cannot see. This is why Paul told us to "test/prove ALL things" in 1 Thess. 5:21. You don't know what YHWH is doing through this "quest for truth." And neither do I. But judging from the above, one way or another, YHWH is clearly in this and is doing something big in the hearts and minds of many, many people.

Thus, I say all of the above for this reason: Please be careful about throwing rocks in glass houses.


- Rob Skiba

More testimonials, which have been sent to me through Facebook...

HI Rob Skiba I must say that after I seen your first post hopping down the rabbit hole - I kinda said oh no Rob's lost the plot better call 911 ..... but instead I listened and watched and did my own exploring. Having ones mind blown is not a pretty sight especially from inside my own skull .... I started to do the maths and observational experiments and watching the most compelling video evidence - the NASA (fake) moon landings and fake pictures has me totally intrigued ---- I have come to grips with the truth that we have been lied to about just about everything. Thank you Rob Skiba for the courage to do the hard yards on this personally I see the flat Earth as part of the great deception, along with the Pre-trib and radical grace/prosperity gospels. May our lord Jesus continue to bless and guide you in all you do - Amen and Shalom

- Gavin Wyatt

This research has had a very positive impact in my relationship with God. I'm still researching the data, but a flat earth would destroy Satan's evolution lie, and realize that earth would be a special creation, in fact, center stage. I hope others have had a chance to draw closer to God through this topic.

- Dominic Vigil

I realized I AM a SPECIAL creation of God. The sun, moon and stars revolve around me. That I am HERE...RIGHT NOW in this point in time learning this...and it is IMPORTANT that I know this. I KNOW this is the Holy Spirit confirming that God IS mindful of man...that HE KNOWS every hair on my head, that HE OWNS the sides of the north and there is NO OTHER GOD before Him. No space brothers to baptize. MANKIND is the pinnacle of this creation, made in His image and likeness...and we are NOT zooming through space, a speck of coalesced star accident. We have a purpose. We have a reason. I believe God is putting this out there to gather his children closer to His heart. That we who may have felt He is outside or distant or unconcerned with the brokenness of this world, is NOT the truth. At this time, He is reaching out to the ones who call themselves orphans...who have been disillusioned with the world systems and their authority, feeling abandoned or broken by the trust we held for these systems, and calling us back ...letting us know this is HIS world...on a foundation with for corners, covered by an impenetrable dome. He will transform us one day so we can get out of this dome and live in heaven forever...and lock up and BURN those systems that lied to us these thousands of years...making us believe that we were random...a act of circumstances in a vast universe of other circumstances. WE DO MATTER. WE DO count. He wants us out of this mess..... And, according to scripture, will do just that.

- Regina Rod

It has personally strengthened my faith, made me look at scriptures deeper, analyzing things through a looking glass so to speak. Made me look at this wonderful world that was created for us with new eyes. It has helped confirm to me the absurdities and Satanic lies of Nasa and the government. It is a most useful springboard in which to reach people, capture their attention and direct their mind to scripture wherein before, they wouldn't have.

- Jason Torres Perez

First for me Geocentricity was easy to grasp once I studied it in depth but the biblical flat earth model allowed me to understand and come to my own conclusion that the night stars we see are the angels and that planets (wandering stars) that orbit the sun (worship) are fallen angels! And it has brought me ever closer to God and allowed the bible to completely make sense in new ways I never thought possible before! It's a mental revolution!

I feel like God is actually a real loving father like character now who's close by watching over us but before when I believed in the globe model I always thought why distant yourself so infinitely far away from us God?

I would ask myself God are you even there? Where are you? Why did you create such and endless vastness of space? If every star is a distant galaxy like ours and that in the center of those galaxies are other suns with more sphere like planets orbiting them I would ask myself is God just bored up there playing marbles with the Angels?

It has brought me closer in heart, soul, mind and spirit with our amazing, magnificent and awesome creator! I just want to hug him and never leave his side! And ask him endless questions! God truly is the alpha and the omega! We have such an amazing God! Thinking about his glory makes me weep tears of joy and dance around like an lunatic!

- Kass Schmidt

The wonder of the flat earth brought Yah much closer. Once upon a time, I used to think I was on a pale blue dot in a massive universe. It made the heavenly abode seem so far away. Now, it's like living in a giant sandbox with my Father watching over it. Only just above me literally and not in a "travel the universe through a black hole kind of way." This flat earth journey also helped me to rely on the real science I know and not theory. Follow the laws the Father set in motion and not harebrain explanations that try to deny our very experience. Scripture becomes more clear. Like, how stars can fall to earth and how the sky can be torn or rolled up. How, the Messiah can come from the sky and every eye will see him. Genesis becomes easy to understand and it allows the earth to be entirely flooded to make sense. I can go on forever but yeah, that's my flat earth testimony.

- Craig Harvey

I have to begin by thanking you Rob. Thank you for inspiring me to search and "re-search". Thank you for inspiring a deeper trust in Yahweh and His Word. Thank you for helping me overcome a lot of obstacles and hindrances, through faith and trust and prayer, by simply doing what you do with your blog and radio shows and videos etc. I remember clearly the first time I ever heard of you Rob and looking back makes me chuckle. My husband was at work and texted me telling me I need to watch Zach Bauer's newest video on New2Torah. I had seen the title already that week and had dismissed it thinking; well, even Zach will have an off day. I had no interest in it at all and was actually a bit annoyed that my husband seriously wanted me to watch it. So I procrastinated a few hours but decided to watch/listen while cleaning...little did I know that it would start one of the coolest, most amazing faith building adventures of my life. So to answer your question Rob, YES!! Looking into the "flat earth controversy" has strengthened and deepened my relationship with and trust in Yahweh. YES! It has made me dig even deeper into Scriptures! It has made me more amazed at, confident in and utterly awed by our Creator. My enthusiasm and the fact that I am known as the researcher in the family inspired my other family members to look into it as well...something none of us would have ever thought to do on our own. We have all been richly blessed by this topic, by the Scripture research, the prayers, the uncovering of hidden truth and the casting off of lies and useless things we've inherited. For the rest of those still looking into it or toying with the idea all I can say is read His Word and pray. Ask Him to show you the truth. Ask Him for knowledge and understanding, ask Him for a dream or vision and above all THANK HIM for loving us so much that He made an amazing and unique and (at one time literally) perfect plane to LIVE on...just for us! Designed specifically for us and for His Son Yeshua to be born on and live on and die on and defeat death on! So again Thank you Rob Skiba! Keep on doing what you are doing! Stay strong and be bold! Have courage and endure! You are a blessing to many of us and I pray you will be richly and abundantly blessed and that you continue to allow the Father, Yahweh Elohim to keep working through you!

- Brandy Lynn Davis-Church

In the last year and a half I have, bit by bit, dumped man's teachings and begun to read the Bible with clear eyes and mind - with as little pre-conceived notions as possible. That has resulted in understanding things in a totally different way than before. When you began your quest on Flat Earth - I also began to re-examine the issue. As far as I can see, the Bible does not support a spinning globe.....but does support a flat earth. Once I understood that man has used science to fabricate our beginnings to eliminate Yahweh, then it became much easier to see other inconsistencies and fabrications. So, was this an important topic? Yes - it was another piece to the puzzle and another glimmer of understanding.

- Esther Swanson

Anyone who pursues a goal knows there is an investment process by which those willing to give more are separated from those who consider the process less. It's very personal because our opinions vary based on what we actually believe. Obviously that means the return on your investment will vary based on what you put in and the actual value of that which is considered. More than anything on this priceless Flat Earth Adventure, SANCTIFICATION towards God is amplified. How so? Because the subject itself is so immense that for the most part (except for here on Facebook) your not entering in with a group setting. You are in such an illuminated place that there is no where to hide. There is a sense that this choice will be yours before God and yours alone, and get this; you tend to realize in making this decision before men, there's no turning back!. Something that tells God "I'm with you all the way, no matter what!" Not since my born-again experience have I been so impacted in life that I knew I was changed! Not only do I not want to return to where I was, but I am supercharged to proceed forward in the things of God everywhere else I may have missed It! It is easy for the un-managed soul (even in Christ) to develop such a know-it-all attitude that our maturing process is stifled, because we are given so much in just entering in, but the truth of creation given to us from the very beginning of Scripture is one that draws those who dare enter into a deeper relationship that not only we, but He desires of us. As it is written "Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded (James 4:8)." And again it is written in James 1:8 "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways." This Flat Earth Adventure (more then anything else) is a sanctification process by which the believer decides "I'm going with God all the way! I'm going to believe what He says above what men proclaim!" It reminds me, there is nothing more important than our relationship with him!

- Fernando Johnson

I shared this with you on another status, but talking about this "conspiracy theory" (that's how I presented it) with a -now FORMER- Agnostic co-worker opened up the door for me to talk to him about how Christianity has been grossly misrepresented... he kept asking and accepted a Gospel of John (which he NEVER read before in his life, mind you)... he started pouring over it every day and began attending a sound Bible believing church with his fiance... something in that guy really changed and he's seeking God now, totally different guy than when I met him. Praise Yeshua!

- Bob Simkonis

"Why is this important? There are sooooo many other, far more important things to be discussing... like the Gospel! This subject is irrelevant and you are only turning people away."..REALLY???well my dear dog dieD...and let me tell you i feel so much better knowing that she is close to MY FATHER SO CLOSE to YESHUA not miles and miles away in an infinite universe with all this confusing stuff of pseudo scientist!!,,...i feel closer to MY FATHER ...TO HEAVEN ...TO ALL..I FEEL CONNECTED i ...feel loved....i feel we are so special for so special...if this is not gospel..and knowing that the WORD OF YHWY is true completely true..what is gospel then?..this has brought me so close to the YESHUA TO HIS HOLLY BLOOD! to forgiveness to love...

Romans 3:4 " let God be true and every man a liar" for me. Humanity is special to God and the enclosed FE just magnifies His care and concern for me. Most of all it has broken my faith in science!...YES IT BROKE THE SPELL..IS A LIE!!!! Science is a lie of lucifer......and they are doing black magic on us all day long!

- Cris Arriola

I am a true Missourian, you have to show me for me to believe it. Because of this I am often skeptical at first. First with two house/Torah following, then with Nephalim and the Shinar Directive (as Michael Lake calls it). When you first posted about flat earth, I dismissed it and thought you'd lost it. Since then, I've watched several of your videos. I still don't know flat vs globe but that's because I haven't taken the time to really search it myself. I will tell you that when I started to consider the fact that the earth might be flat, and that YHWH meant what He said, there was a stillness inside me that has steadied me through a few big storms in the last few months. Who would have through considering the idea of a flat earth would bring you closer to the creator of the earth.

- Brandi Johnston

After touting myself to be a Biblical Literalist for 42 years ( which is true ) coming across this subject challenged my position in a way , but at the same time , after I realized that I had been deceived like 99% of Bible Believing Christians , it was not all that hard to repent of the position I held , as well as the teaching I had taught in connection with "the globalist , ball earth lie ". As with all true repentance , and realignment with God's word ; it has actually strengthened my position as a true literalist , and has made me more cautious of the subtle lies , that the "god of this world " has , can , and does attempt to deceive " if it were possible , even the very elect " Matt. 24 : 24 . Thank you so much brother Rob , for your hard studying , and honest desire for the truth. If I have learned nothing else in the last 42 years as a Christian , and more than half that , as a Pastor and Teacher ; I have learned that no matter how bad it gets personally , financially or otherwise , if believe and obey his word , things always have a way of coming out alright . Romans 8:28 . We ( the body of Christ ) need you in this battle , my brother .God Bless you , your Family , and your Ministry , Always.

- Pastor Don Spears

Thank you for taking up the challenge to research something that has cost you so much, because we are to test all things. These scriptures come to mind:

Isaiah 66:1--"thus says the LORD, "Heaven is My throne and the earth is My footstool. Where then is a house you could build for Me? And where is a place that I may rest?"

Psalm 22:3--Yet You are holy, O You who are enthroned upon the praises of Israel.

Job 19:25--"As for me, I know that my Redeemer lives, And at the last He will take His stand on the earth."

Zechariah 14:3--"Then Yahweh will go out and fight against those nations, as when he fought in the day of battle. His feet will stand in that day on the Mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east; and the Mount of Olives will be split in two, from east to west, making a very great valley. Half of the mountain will move toward the north, and half of it toward the south."

For me, it has shown me that The Kingdom of Heaven is much closer than i ever thought, and that He has us under His careful eye, the center and crown of His creation. Wow!

- Christine Annunziato

After over 4 years of learning things that opened my eyes to things such as the illuminati, all the webs of other means of control, what the music and entertainment industry is REALLY all about, "aliens", ufo's, the paganism of Christmas/Easter (which i don't celebrate anymore) etc.etc....I thought I'd heard everything...UNTIL....a fellow truther mentioned Flat Earth....I trusted him so I spent months looking it up. Rob, your videos were the absolute BEST on the subject, weeding out the garbage that's out there....I am so appreciative! ! And THEN, because I respected you so much, I listened when you mentioned about the Torah and NOW I'm on a quest to learn all I can about that, which is changing my life! !!! It IS all very important because the Truth sets you Free and I desire for my vessel to be a clean one for Holy Spirit to flow freely through WHICH WILL BRING MORE PEOPLE TO CHRIST!!! grin emoticon THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

- Marianne Coulter

Learning about the earth and how YHWH created it as the scriptures tell us by viewing it as a enclosed place makes me feel literally closer to the creator. It also makes everything I know make so much more sense.

- Dennis Jeni Mcqueen

I came to this by Faith in His word alone, split second everything changed. His word is truly all that matters about the matter to me. Now I know that I know that His word is true and man is a liar. The grass withers the flowers fade but the word of YHVH is forever. I am forever changed and my hope is truly placed in Him. What hope, what peace to look up at the stars and the firmament.... To know the truth. Eternity is now in my heart.

- Gay Furgason

Hi Rob

I'd never really thought much about god/the creator; however, I would have my moments of clarity and I would take up prayer now and again. In all honesty, I had come to believe that we had been created as basic humans, such as Neanderthal man etc, and that at a later date, aliens had come from outer space and genetically manipulated us in to what we are now. I felt spiritual but not really connected to the creator; that said, I have always thought that we (and everything else) were created by multiple "god-like" entities. Now as I write, I can't stop laughing about what I used to think versus what I now know to be the truth.

I am in no doubt (since my flat earth awakening some 6 months ago, and some 500/600 hours of research) that this world we live in was indeed created by the hand of god/the creator. How else did we get here? I guess on could believe the words and testimony of so called experts like Charles "Dis-Grace' Tyson; however, they are liars! Their agenda is deceit, to deny the existence of the creator and to bring in their own version of events and agenda. It's crystal clear to me, that science is a massive lie and a hoax. It is, and has been, a tool to destroy the reality of who, where, and why we are, in order to expand their grip, control and total domination over us.

So, in answer to your question; since I woke up to the flat earth, I have ben inspired to read the book of Job, the book of Enoch, Genesis and have explored the scriptures too. All in pursuit of more knowledge pertaining to the flat earth and creation. I have listened intently to everything that you have had to say on the subject and have steered others in your direction. Biblically and spiritually, you make complete sense, though I don't have a problem taking on the flat earth on 100%; a leap of faith was not needed, as I instinctively knew what the truth was when I discovered it. The Bible finally make sense to me and I can discuss it with my "Born again Christian" sister, and even quote passages lol.

I am excited that I am finally breaking new ground, discovering how important the words of the bible are and I am fully aware of my obligations to myself, to my fellow man and to the creator. So yes, my new knowledge has awoken me to the bible, the creator and to the fact that there is no such thing as space, planets, gravity, ball earth. It's been truly marvelous and I thank people like you for being brave enough to pass the word of truth on. Long may it continue, and may everyone finally awaken to the lies that are shaping us and our perceptions.

Keep up the good work and get some more vids out there!

- Andy Relf

The Flat Earth strengthened my faith. About 2 weeks before you (Rob) posted the first post you did on Flat Earth, I was sitting in my living room on a Sabbath, staring out the window and I said to Father Yah, I just don't see how we are spinning so many miles an hour and rotating around the sun and everything is so peaceful out there, with only a small breeze blowing. Then 2 weeks later, wham, there was your first post about it. I was're kidding, right? And wondering about you. But as soon as the first Sabbath after your post arrived, I sat watching the videos you recommended, and then doing my own research. I was convinced that very same day. I then wondered how you weren't convinced, lol! I have repeatedly mentioned to a few of my family members how I can't explain it, but knowing the earth is flat, it makes me love the Most High Creator even more. I thank you Rob Skiba, you were and are a vessel that Father Yah used to answer the questions I had. Your research and the Scripture references you share are such a blessing.

- Susan Healy Grogan

I stumbled on the f.e. subject to disprove it. I could not. So I was forced to dive deeper into the word and ask myself " am I going to believe God about everything or am I going to be like others and make the word fit what I want to believe." I have made the step to believe in His word and the truth it proclaims. I have since then constantly tested what I was taught in school and the history channel and the like. I have taken pictures on my phone of any and all evidence off the f.e. and I have the proof I need now to never go back. But more importantly I am now able to move forward into to word with subjects I have been scared to look into before. I am closer now to God who is seated on his thrown above the circle of the earth not constantly wandering if God is suppose to be above then how is he above me in America and someone in Australia at the same time. The proof in the book of Revolution 1:7 look! He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him, including those who pierced Him. And all the families of the earth will mourn over Him. This is certain. Amen.

- Boaldin Katie Justin

When I first heard you mention the flat earth on a radio show months ago, I thought this was so ridiculous that I actually wanted to hear what you had to say as evidence. Once you threw out some valid points, I looked into it and though you have to eat the meat and spit out the bones, I continued to find irrefutable proof for the FE, and no real reasons to believe the globe model that NASA and others put forth. I'm especially grateful for the countless hours of research writing and YouTube/radio shows you've done from a CHRISTIAN perspective. Your work has actually strengthened my faith even more in God's Word, helped make more sense of the world and 'globe'-alist system we're in, and made more sense of end-times prophecy and the deception we're in. Not only has it resonated with my soul so to speak, but actually made me feel even closer to God and more in His care, as we're not thrown out randomly in some vacuum flying through space with no one at the wheel, but in a contained, balanced system made by a loving God. Everything just makes more sense and like you said, if we ARE in a FE system, it's impossible to argue against a Creator. Romans 1 says we can see from creation that God exists, and even more-so on a FE model. So thank you for doing all you have done, taking the flak and not giving up. Please continue to put truth out there, and know that there are always those who support you. God bless!

- Anya Grace Pashka

I loved this flat earth quest. I have been trying to get as close to YHWH as possible and trying to remove the paganism from my life. I felt like I was at a pretty good point when I started seeing the flat earth stuff. First off the thought we do revolve around the sun was firs another way to remove the worship of the sun out of my life. Second it makes Bible stories like the sun standing still for Joshua make sense and knowing that even the sun must obey YHWH is cool concept. It also makes prophecy like the need for mountains to flatten before the Yeshua make come down and the whole world will see. It also make the sky rolling back like a scroll make sense It makes me want to dig even deeper into scripture for what else I might have missed and what else I need unlearn so I can learn only form the Bible. Thank you so much for a clearer look into the scripture. I believe almost at the beginning of your study because I was given a dream by YHWH at the same time you started this. I prayed for understanding of him. He gave me in that dream so much scripture and science that could never remember all of it but I woke a believer in the flat earth.

- Ana Kristina Updyke

I can honestly say, that when praying outside while looking up at the stars that God feels closer than ever! Flat earth makes way more since and makes the Bible pop! That means a lot, thanks and God bless you Rob Skiba for your hard work!

- Rick Tribble

Having this discussion with my kids has gotten them to question EVERYTHING they are being "taught" in school. And I am LOVING IT!!! Thanks, Rob!

- Thomas Buzz Nelson

My wife and I have been studying conspiracies starting with vaccinations and how horrible they are for you, food, gmo's, government, etc. for about 4 years. When I saw the push for one world government (NWO) happening that scared me. I remembered the bible talking about it and not as a good thing. Being a father of 2 at the time saved but not living it, those things started my journey back to God...I love Him so much for what he has done in my life. After my marriage was saved (long and truly amazing story in itself), then my wife was saved, then 3 years of hardship dealing with the hurt, but God...(My two favorite words in scripture) drew me even closer when my friend told me he had something that would blow my mind. I didn't think it could be done cause I had a pretty good grip on the deception out there...or I thought. I however was ready for anything and the said the two words, "Flat Earth." Ok like I said I was open, so I drilled him. For weeks as we worked together, and then I would spend my nights studying. I took what ever free time I had or didn't have while trying to raise a family and love my wife, while working 2 jobs. Thank you Jennifer Schug for putting up with all my studying. She is the one who suffered on this study. I had this deep need to know, always have...well maybe since I stopped drinking the fluoride:) Anyway I could not come a slam dunk in proof, there was a lot leaning me in the way of flat earth but I did not have the time to do field research that I would like to. I ran across a Christian flat earth believer who showed some scriptures on it. I said that is it; if it is true it is going to be in the bible somewhere. So I took all my studies to the scriptures and Psalm 19 is what did it for me. There are many places it scripture that say flat earth w/o saying flat earth. Gen 1 when God separated the waters from the waters and called the space between them firmament. Then He put the sun, moon, and stars in the firmament. Or in Isaiah 40:22 it talks about the circle of the earth and uses ball in Isaiah 22:18. If the earth was a ball would Isaiah not have said ball in 40:22? This made scripture come to life and gave me eyes to see and ears to hear as I saw these things. It talks about the earth being immoveable. My head popped. But why the lie... Why would NASA lie? Why would the elite lie? Then I studied and found out it is all about sun worship, WOW!...But that is another story, or the same story continued based on your perspective.

- Jed Schug

At first I was completely confused, and I stayed that way for months, but I kept reading what Rob Skiba and others were posting. I kept looking at the video's and in the mist of all that, what was going on inside of me was confusion and some anger, I wasn't sure even if some of the bible hadn't been rewritten, I even questioned my salvation, that is how confused I was,This was not only about the flat earth. but all the other lies my husband and I kept finding, some times it was to much and I had to stop listening and watching, one day I just stopped everything and had to reflect back to the day I was born again an tell myself I know what happened that day and whether the bible was rewritten or not ( by liars) I knew I was born again and no one could take that away from me.

So after I got that settled , then I could go forward with what I was finding out, all the lies I then could handle.I don't know about anyone else but that was hard and I just want to thank rob for sticking with it ( I know he left us for a little bit ) but we all have to stop and regroup

So thank u Rob and thank u Sheila .

I told God before I even knew rob existed : I wanted to know the truth. Well then my husband found Rob and it's been a ride, but I ask for the truth, God never said it would be easy finding out but when u find truth u become free.

- Mary Wilburn

I honestly have no idea what to believe so far as the earth being a ball or plane... but i would pose a question. What if the earth isn't a ball, floating through space a at thousands of miles an hour in a galaxy spinning millions of miles an hour. If the earth is a ball, anything is possible. Evolution is possible; random chance is possible (even if it is not likely). But if the world is flat.... only God is possible. So does it matter if the earth is flat. Um. yeah. I'd take a stab at saying if there was irrefutable evidence that the world was actually flat, there'd be a whole new meaning to the term revival. My interest in the information put forth by Rob and his research has only made me even more convinced that the only truth I can hold fast to is God's truth.

- Amy Lynn Campbell

Keep on keeping on! Rob, your words have helped to bring light back into a place that was dark in my heart.

I grew up in the church, and when I started to rebel in my teen years, I tried to run from it. The doubt, in my mind, of the existence of God kept growing and growing.

After loosing one of my 2 month old twin boys over 3 years ago, I started trying to rebuild that foundation before it all slipped out from under my feet. As hard as I tried to keep that foundation sturdy, there was something that kept holding me back. I could not figure out where space and aliens fit into my beliefs. Having seen some interesting things in the skies throughout my life, I knew there was more to the UFO phenomenon than just unknown military aircraft and swamp gas.

After reading your work on Flat Earth and Babylon Rising, my eyes have been opened! By God's grace, you have shown light into that dark place in my heart. I have not become a 100% flat earther, but I have accepted the possibility. That acceptance has brought me comfort in my beliefs and freed me from the questions that tied me to the darkness. Living out here in Flat-land America (NW Oklahoma), flat earth evidence is EVERYWHERE.

Anyways, all that to say THANK YOU! Thank you so much for doing Gods work and sharing the information on these controversial topics. No matter what all the naysayers say, you ARE leading people to salvation. I thank God everyday for the people he puts in my path. Each and every one has made an impact in my life. I thank God for putting you in my path because you have helped me put the final nail in my spiritual foundation, and it is NOW stronger than ever!

- Kristy Martin-Denton

Hey Rob wanted to tell you thank you for speaking about this flat earth theory and put a biblical perspective on it, because it has helped bring me back to interest in the scriptures again. I have went through about a 10 year period where I didn't/wouldn't even look at the bible and I was very zealous before that, I did extensive research for years on historical, linguistic, prophetic nature of the bible I was working towards being a scholar. So thank-you and keep fighting the good fight sir, shalom

- Sammy Rece

This is my/our testimonial for you... An earthquake woke me up early this past Saturday morning. I, of course, went straight to Facebook to see if it really was an earthquake and hung out there for a while. Then I decided to pull up one of your many videos. As I was listening to it, my husband Adam woke up. We drank coffee and listened a while before he had to leave for his pistol shoot. While he was getting ready, you started talking a little bit about the feasts, and Adam said "You know, he's right." He said that he had been trying to brush it off and ignore it, but it keeps coming up in other aspects of his life like someone is trying to tell him something. I have been praying for a while now that his heart and eyes would be opened. I haven't been saying anything about it to him. I've just stepped back and I've been waiting. Anyway, a good friend of ours came down this past weekend and he brought some lamb with him. I helped him cook it while Adam was at the pistol shoot. Later that night, I told Adam that I helped him fix the lamb and I could probably do it again. He said "Hey, we can make lamb for Passover." I was jumping for joy on the inside, but I just casually said yeah, we could. The next day, we talked some more about it. We both feel like we are being called/led to change our traditions. If it wasn't for our kids, we would have no reservations. We both grew up knowing people who didn't celebrate the holidays. We thought they were weird and felt sorry for them. We don't want our kids to be the weird kids, but in the end, who is our duty really to? Is it to society and fitting in or is it to GOD? I know that it really comes down to an ego struggle. But, we have started a conversation and that is HUGE! It always amazes me how God works in mysterious ways! What are the odds that an earthquake would wake me up and lead to Adam and I talking about the feasts, and then our friend brings lamb and teaches me how to cook it? Yehovah truly is AMAZING!!!

I am telling you all this because if Dr. Catherine Rott hadn't introduced me to your flat earth research which my husband found fascinating I might still be on this journey alone. I want to thank you for all that you do. Your work IS changing lives for the better and leading people towards salvation. I cannot thank you enough! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

- Kristy Martin-Denton

I can't even fathom what my life would be like currently without questioning even these most basic "facts" that are taken for granted in these times. No matter the outcome, the flat earth theory has definitely helped me get more involved with not only reading scripture but using the word to test the world around me. 

Thanks Rob for all of the work and scriptural discernment.

- Marilyn Flake

Hi Rob, I could never have imagined my writing this message a year ago or any time in my life to this point. I was raised without a religious faith. I have felt completely outside when it comes to this topic. I had a strange alternative early education, so my mind has remained open all this time, and I could conceive that a power or energy could exist, but I was certain that it wasn't for me. I have since changed that point of view due to the flat earth. I am certain of the creator now. I feel loved and special as I never had before. I feel more responsible for all that I do as well. I can see why this is the basis for hiding the information. Thanks for coming back to the fe. xo

- Laura Palmer

And these are just a few. I have many more, which have been sent to me via e-mail or posted as comments to my Google+ and/or YouTube accounts. For example, here's what I harvested after just ONE DAY of looking at comments posted to a recent video upload:


I have likewise received tons of phone messages, letters and emails. Needless to say, this subject IS changing lives. It IS drawing people closer to YHWH. It IS causing them to question everything and to "test all things" - and to do so by the Scriptures.

If you'd like to add your testimony, please do so on my Facebook note:

In the meantime, we should rejoice at such amazing fruit! Please tell me what other single topic you can think of that generates this kind of results for the Kingdom in such a short amount of time.