The Flat Earth Controversy
A Biblical World View And One Man's Quest For Truth
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This is one of the best Flat Earth debunk videos I've seen so far:

Already debunked most of this one, but here it is again anyway:

I must admit, this is actually one of the biggest sticking points for me, which has prevented me
from fully embracing the Flat Earth model myself:

Concerning the ISS, I have to say, this video is quite convincing:

White Rabbit weighs in along with Reds Rhetoric, presenting some compelling
evidence against the Flat Earth:

Zach Bauer's attempt at debunking Flat Earth and his take on the Bible's view of the cosmos:

Some of these are fairly easy to debunk, but I'll present them anyway because these were the videos from which it appears Zach Bauer got most of the "debunking" information he presented in his video:

It is interesting how "threatened" the Geocentrist camp seems to be by the Flat Earthers.
Hence a variety of arguments are made in the following video, many of which if I had the time
could fairly easily refute myself. Since I do not have the time, I will leave it to others who do.
That said, the following content producer claims to be a Bible believing Christian.
While he may indeed be a Christian, he quite clearly does not believe what the Bible has to say
concerning the issues of the Flat Earth.

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