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(January 23, 2020)

You've seen me make videos about it, now we've made a new and improved version of our
Atmospheric Magnification and Refraction Kit available for you to try out for yourself!


The kit includes a FREE bonus: a 32GB thumbdrive that includes a selection of Flat Earth videos as our Testing the Globe: A Zetetic Investigation Vol. 1 book and Mark Sargent's book, Flat Earth Clues 2 (both as PDFs) and also Mark's MP3 audio book, read by the author. You can buy this kit for $30+ shipping and handling by clicking the BUY NOW button below:



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The pages of this website, which provide the Biblical argument for an enclosed, flat Earth cosmology have now been turned into a 130 page interactive PDF file. This document includes most of the Bible related pages on this site as well as several of my other blogs from my website.

You can click here or on the image below to read it.


The following represents a list of books I have read
and highly recommend regarding the subject of Flat Earth:

You can read the first 3 of the above for free in various digital formats online:

Zetetic Astronomy. Earth Not a Globe! An Experimental Inquiry Into the True Figure of the Earth:
Proving it a Plane, Without Axial or Orbital Motion; and the Only Material World in the Universe!

One Hundred Proofs That The Earth is Not a Globe

Terra Firma: The Earth Not a Planet, Proved From Scripture, Reason and Fact

Another fantastic resource for you to consider:


Other Flat Earth Related Websites:

The International Flat Earth Research Society

The Flat Earth Conspiracy

Other Sites of Interest That Challenge the Current Paradigm:

The Thunderbolts Project

E.W. Bullinger - highly respected Biblical scholar AND a Flat Earther:

See the full report by Kevin Hobby

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