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Thank you for your interest in contacting me. I'm sorry, but I no longer have the energy nor desire to openly debate this subject here anymore. I will likely still continue to dig, write and post videos as I am more than intrigued by the topic, but I can't continue to banter back-and-forth with close-minded people. Please feel free to post comments and discuss it among yourselves below, but I'm sorry, I'm going to have to stay away from actively engaging for my own sanity. Part of the reason for this is as follows...

In addition to the usual slander, name-calling and gossip, ever since I began my quest for truth on this particular subject, I've had absolutely, freaking psychotic, ill-informed lunatics accusing me of being a CIA shill or Jesuit plant (or worse) who has supposedly been put here to deceive the masses and that I'm on some sort of government or illuminati payroll, apparently getting rich off of the alleged "deceptions" I've been putting out to the masses. That is such an unbelievable load of b.s. it's not even remotely funny.

Others think this is all some sort of publicity stunt and a way for me to become more "popular." That's even more ludicrous. We've lost friends. We've lost lots of financial support. Sales of our other products have dropped dramatically. Sales on our future products (which are almost ready for release) thus look just as bleak too - since apparently word has gone out that I've lost my mind. And just so you know, I don't have a full-time 9-5 job. I left a really great paying job back in 2010 in order to follow the call I've had on my life to research, seek and speak truth. Since the end of 2010, I have written thousands of pages worth of content, conducted thousands of hours worth of radio interviews and produced hundreds of hours worth of video content. Even though about 95% of all of that content is on-line for free, I still somehow manage to earn my living through the sales of our products. But when they don't sell, we don't eat, the lights get turned off, the car gets repossessed and we get evicted just like anyone else who can't pay their bills. So no. This is not about trying to be popular and cool - and while it's not about money, it certainly becomes very much about money when you run out of it. And this particular subject has hit us where it hurts - and in more ways than just financially.

Still, another group of people out there, who are convinced that the Earth is flat, are mad at me for not committing to this concept. They say, "You're just afraid of what people will think/say about you." and that I'm more concerned with what men think than what God thinks. Such folks clearly have not thought their bogus argument through. If I was really so afraid of such things, I never would have even engaged in the debate at all - and certainly not as publicly as I have. I would have done exactly what 95% of the researchers I know have done and not even touched the subject. I have not committed, because, to be perfectly honest, I still have far more questions than answers... and I'm being very transparent in admitting as much. This whole site was always about testing my current beliefs concerning the globe and our place in the cosmos. And frankly, I'm not done testing yet.

In short, with all of the attacks we have experienced concerning this topic, we've essentially been brought back down to nearly zero again, and now I've earned the reputation of being an idiotic, cult-leading heretic, and worse - all while exceptionally ill-informed, moronic arm-chair critics think we're "getting rich and popular" over here. SMH. People have no freaking clue. None.

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